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New News - 27-07-2009
So a lack of work on BUC since it has been released has been raising a lot of questions as of late! So you maybe pleased to know BUC is now in my TOP 10 things to do, number 9 to be exact. Which means I "should" get to it within 6 months. Not great news but I promise I will try and move it up, I've been swamped with uni, and real life. However the features that will be added are forums/styles/application forms and management/downloadable version/graphs/rank database/kill database!


BUC released - 12-08-2008
One year on from starting this project it is finally finished. Well not finished but a basic release is done so enjoy. Please read the about page if you have any questions or leave a comment on and I will get back to you ASAP.


Coming Soon - 08-08-2008
I expect BUC to be ready in the next few days. Thanks to everyone who has helped out.


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