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Welcome to advertising. We offer free advertising to bootleggers players who want to show off their bootleggers work, recruit members to their crew or other things within a few rules.

If you have a bootleggers helpsite you want advertised please message Altro directly for more detailed discussion! Extra restrictions to the advert maybe added due to security concerns about external links.

First off we reserve the right to turn anyone down for any reason or no reason! We will not accept all images, some we can not! Please read the below section for rules and effects.

The advert
Currently we offer one kind of advert.

Top Right Advert
Size: 182px wide 71px high
Format: .PNG or .GIF
Max Size: 30kb
Animation Allowed: Yes
Additional requirements: Transparent background if required, box of background color will not be accepted.

  • Try to add at least one descriptive word in to the picture, e.g "profile artwork by Altrozero".
  • Keep it simple, over using colour or making it hard to read will often be ignored by users.
  • Keep in mind colour theory and stick-ability (it applies to images as well as websites)
  • Adding your name advertises you, yes the image will point to you but getting your name out there even in the subconscious of "clients" is great if you are expecting a low click count!
  • Flashing lights attracts the user to your stupidity! Not your product/service!
We will advertise a number of things, here are a few suggestions, if you are unsure just ask!
  • Graphic design (Profile images)
  • Crew Recruiting
  • Hire a buster for the day
  • Hire killer (suggested altrozero profile pointer)

  • It must be within the bounds of the bootleggers TOS
  • Must not contain any pornographic imagery
  • Must be relating to bootleggers in some way
  • The advert must point to a bootleggers or altrozero profile! Confirmation from this account will be required
  • Excessive complaints about your advert will have it removed
  • Adverts will last for 2 weeks, after which they maybe removed. It will be up to you to resubmit your advert!
  • If even a single staff member of bootleggers or complains about your advert it will be removed with out hesitation or questioning! It will your responsibility to debate with this staff member over the content of your advert not us.
  • The adverts appear in a random order, we therefore cannot guarantee how many hits you will get!

How to submit
Please bootmail/messages Altro from the account you want the advert to point to with
  • Short description of services the advert advertises
  • The image you wish to be used!
  • Any questions you have

Last Updated: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 16:57:39 +0100
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