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The database has a number of important events in the history of bootleggers. It is however incomplete, information started to be collected from May 2009 and is dependant on users like yourself adding to it. While back tracking information in to the database will also be a goal it is more important to get current events.Not all events will be shown here, for example the formation of a underground crew you have just created won't be, however the formation of a crew on the statistics page may be, for a full list please read guide lines for submiting. Some events from bootleggers may be missed even if they were critical to the development for a number of reasons.

Please note we will try our hardest to keep this database accurate and non-bias, if you have a problem please use the contact form on the side menu! It should also be noted that not all of the database is currently avalible to the public (for example adding events). This is due to the fact we are still testing and developing the database, it is our intention to fully release the database late this year!

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Random Event
Type:Crew News
Title:The Vanguard are dropped
Time:22nd Jun 2009
Summary:The Vanguard are dropped, the crew spot is picked up by Cipela who names the crew "TS ITB". Most of The Vanguard members had been added to the hitlist many for over 100 million some as high as 300 million
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