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Crime Information 

The crimes page has been revamped a number of times over recent years. As it stands, in order to access the crimes feature, you must first start by bootmailing your in-game brother, TonyT. He then sends you various pieces of advice to get you started.

Each state has eight different cities in which you can complete crimes. Each of those cities has 8 different crimes. That works out as 64 per state and 576 different options in total! However, there are access limits to various crimes, which will be outlined below.

As Scum you are only allowed access to the first city in each state. However, as you progress through the ranks, more cities will become available. The information below relates to the same format for each state.

Ranking Information

There has been a lot of debate as to whether doing crimes in a higher city where you fail more often is better for rank experience than continuing in a lower city state where success is guaranteed nigh-on all the time.

It's still users' preference as to whether they risk the extra failure for potential higher experience or stick to crimes which give lower payout and potentially lower experience.

When is Each City Unlocked?

CityUnlocked AtMax Payout
First CityAlways Available!$110
Second CityPeeWee$210
Third CityThug$350
Fourth CityHitmanN/A
Fifth CityBossN/A
Sixth CityGodfatherN/A
Seventh CityDonN/A
Eighth CityLegendary DonN/A

Range of Payouts for Each City

CityPayout Ranges
                                    First City                           $15 - $110
                                    Second City                            $55 - $210
                                    Third City                            $110 - $350
                                    Fourth City                            N/A
                                    Fifth City                            N/A
                                    Sixth City                            N/A
                                    Seventh City                            N/A
                                    Eighth City                            N/A

If you have any information with regards to max payouts in each city or the range of payouts for each city, please post them in the comments section. Thanks!

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