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Warning / Disclaimer
Due to the administrators of bootleggers keeping the set up of the game close to their chests the information collected here may or may not be correct. Most of the information on this page is speculation worked out by the players and hints given from the staff. It is also subject to change!

When will I rank?
Working out when you will rank is rather hard however there is a solution.

Rank Statistics
Crime percentages from R.Don onward aren't as helpful as the rank statistics database. By looking at other people statistics you can judge when you can rank.
Rank Statistics Database

Rank Percentages
You may have heard you can work out when you will rank by you crime percentages, at the start of round 6 this was changed and is no longer the case. We would like to thank LW for all his hard work on them while they were active.

If you have additional Information leave us a message in the contacts us page on the side menu.
Bootleggers Player Ranks
2.Pee Wee
8.Respectable Boss
10.Legendary Godfather
12.Respectable Don
13.Legendary Don
14.State Don (Limit 9)
15.Nation Don (Limit 1)

What Gives Me Rank?
Very HighHighMediumLowVery LowNegative?
Org. CrimesMissionsCrimes
Auto Burglary
Jail Busts
Stock Market?
Forum Topics
Forum Posts

It should be noted that successful actions provide a considerable amount more than failed actions in all cases. As stated by Sabin (administrator)

The amount of experience you get from a kill depends on your targets ranks, the higher the rank the more experience you get. For example killing a Scum will give you less experience than killing a Don.

Other factors might also come in to play, however they are currently unknown!
It is thought that Bootmailing at rank scum will decrease your experience, however it is though at other ranks it will give you experience. It is believed that this was added to stop scums logging on and spamming. This would explain why at scum rank you can't send messages unless you do crimes or other actions which give experience. It should also be noted that spamming at any rank will decrease your experience. With further claims in round 6 it appears most likely that you can rank from Bootmails meaning you can get exp.

Org. Crimes
There are two things you should bare in mind, rank and type. There are two types of Org. Crimes one car and two cars. It was leaked during round 4 by an ex-moderator LordPringle that one car Org. Crimes give more experience than two car and quick testing by players confirmed it. The reasoning given was that there was more experience to go around behind just 4 players rather than 8.

The second thing you have to take in to account is rank. After some testing this round, it appears to be the case that higher ranks in your OCs provide better experience, contrary to what Nyxxie (Moderator), in Round 5, announced, saying on the forums that the ranks in the Org. Crimes only effects the amount of money you make and not experience you get. This is not 100% certain, however it does appear to be the case.

There has been much debate about missions, if they give you experience or not. For certain the actions required to complete the missions give you experience, it is suspected (but unknown) that they also give you additional experience when you complete the mission. It appears that on the killing missions your crime percentages don't rise giving the impression it doesn't give experience.
It should be noted that buying and dropping booze does not give you experience and you can not sell in your own state. Only selling booze will give you experience. It is thought but unknown that travelling with more booze will give you more experience to travelling without booze. This is also unknown.

Auto Burglary
There has been many rumours about auto burglary over the years and it is unclear which are true, below are the ones that sound most likely.

Repairing a car gives you a small amount of experience.
Shipping a car gives a small amount of experience.
Selling a car via the auto burglary page gives you experience but selling it to other players doesn't.

One, some or all of these could be true, it could also be the case that you only get experience for stealing the car. In a test done by a scum using 100 cars neither repairing or selling cars increase his/her crime percentage.

From what we can tell it is possible to rank from forum posts and topics as long as you don't spam. A few users have claimed to ranked from scum to pee wee with out any crimes or Org. Crimes. Nyxxie in round 6 announced a lag in rank messages and that forum posts do not give experience. Suggesting something else comes in to play.
Arm Wrestling
It very well may give you a small amount of experience and others believe it's only purpose is to gain money and interact with other users. You will have to make up your own mind about this. During round 6 we were contacted and told someone had ranked via arm wrestling. This COULD be a coincidence but it seems unlikely. This would therefore suggest it does in fact give a little EXP.

This guide was written by altrozero with help from LW, Mika and DirtRottenScoundrel.

Thanks to Suomikonepistooli, LoneWanderer & Bullehr for additional information.

Last Updated: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 01:07:56 +0100
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