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How To?
Here are a few simple method of bypassing your work or schools network setting (firewall & proxy servers).

1 - Try installing a different browser to the networks default on a USB pen drive and running it from there. It shocks me just how many schools are bypassed by this simple method

2 - Setup your own proxy, using a proxy in bootleggers is illegal however using your own computer isn't against the rules. Simple install software on your home PC which will allow you to access it from else ware, such as, I know someone who used the professional version of this software to help clients while working as tech support. The problems are it requires you to install software on your home PC it also will be logged by the network you access from and if they have software on the network they could still take screenshots of what you are doing or keystrokes. It also requires the PC to be on. (Proof it is legal) :


3 - if is blocked try, they sometimes forget to block it.

Hope this helped, remember to stay clean and still forfill your obligation to your work/school. Everything is good in moderation even bootleggers.

Last Updated: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 01:12:31 +0100
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