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Gymnasium is a new feature to Bootleggers. However, if you have played before, it is easier to think of it as an updated, more integrated version of Arm Wrestling, which has now been removed.

It is split into 3 categories; Strength, Stamina and Agility. The first time most people meet the gym is in Mission 1 when you must get your Strength to level 3, however, the Gymnasium plays a much larger role in Bootleggers today. Unlike in previous rounds, when to get a gun, you just needed to make sure you trained it 100%, with the Gym, you must match the set requirements for Strength, Stamina and Agility before you can buy it. The first 5 protections also have gym requirements to cater for as well. Each attribute, Strength, Stamina and Agility all have maximum levels of 40.

To increase each attribute, you must reach the number required to do so by training. Each attribute has 3 different ways to train;

The first increases your attribute number by 3, and takes only 2 minutes until you can use it again. The second way increases your attribute number by 7, but takes 5 minutes until you can use it again. The third and final way increases your attribute number by 13, but you can only use this once every 10 minutes. This therefore makes it more worthwhile to use the 2 minute option, however it requires you to do this constantly. If you use this and forget about training every 2 minutes, you will be lose efficiency to those training every 5 or 10 minutes.


The first attribute you can increase is Strength. As mentioned above, the first time you'll probably do this is to complete Mission 1, which requires you to have level 3 strength to complete it. However it is most important for buying guns.

Each gun and protection has a Strength, Stamina and Agility requirement. For guns, the Strength requirement is higher than the others, with the highest requirement being 25 for the 7th and final gun. Protection requires strength as well but only a maximum of level 10 is needed for it.


Stamina is another attribute you can increase. Similar to Strength, it is needed for both guns and protection however is much less important than the other two in this regard. However, Stamina is extremely useful for another reason. It reduces timers for crimes, auto burglary and Organised Crimes.

This equates to:

- 1 second off your crime timer for every 2 levels of stamina gained.
- 1 second off your auto burglary timer for every level of stamina gained.
- 2 minutes 15 off your Organised Crimes timer for every level of stamina gained.


Agility is the third and final attribute you can level up. It is used much in the same way as Strength is for guns. However, it is most important for guns, with 24 levels of agility needed for the 5th level of protection. So it is important to prioritise this attribute if you plan on getting high levels of protection first.

Agility is also required for guns but in a much reduced quantity.

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