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This page contains a list of the current missions and links to other pages with possible strategies such as the missions from $500. If you are new to bootleggers I would suggest reading the "$500 Missions" as it will take you in detailed steps on how to complete the missions.

All Missions From $500
A guide to completing all 6 missions at any rank starting in any state with just $500.

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Altrozero Achievements
Completed all the missions? Want new goals? What away of showing off your achievements in bootleggers? Try the Altrozero Achievements!

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Below are a list of the current missions in the game and a little information about them.

Explore the Territory

Complete 10 crimes in every state & train your strength up to level 3.

Reward: $10,500
You are Up: $10,500
Mission 1

Mission 2
Taking Care of Business

Complete around 25-30 crimes from 'Auto Repairs by Henry' in New Jersey. Once you receive a bootmail saying that you're successful, send $8,000 to AlonzoMartino.

Reward: $22,500
You are Up: Around $33,000

Expensive Taste

Hire a Private Investigator to find CaptainMorrison. For the most part, he is in Colorado, so try selecting the cheapest PI company and search California. When you find him travel to Colorado, then pay him $20,000.
Now, travel to New York go to the profile of PietroGrazia and click trail him.
You will have a 8 minute timer. Click trail 2-4 minutes before the timer goes out.

Trail him until you get notified by a bootmail.

Reward: $50,000
You are Up: Around $72,500
Mission 3

Mission 4
Busted, Busted Out

Travel to Pennsylvania and bust RobertMoretti out of jail; this takes 30-40 attempts. Once you have set him free, travel to Colorado and steal his impounded car back from the Denver State Police. To do this, go to the Auto Burglary page and select Denver Police Station from the Crew drop-down option. It takes around 30-40 successful attempts before you steal the right car.

Reward: $20,000 and 600 bullets
You are Up: $57,000 and 1,000 bullets

Top Dollar Whisky

Transfer 100 crates of Whisky from New York to Louisiana. Similar to 'Expensive Taste', you must complete the mission by delivering the crates through the Mission page, and not by selling them on the Bootlegging page.

Reward: $18,000 and 1,000 bullets
You are Up: $75,000 and 2,000 bullets
Mission 5

Mission 6
Mind Your Business

Hire a Private Investigator to find IreneJohnson. For the most part, she is in California, so try selecting the cheapest PI company and search California. This tends to take around 8-10 hours. Once she has been found, go to her profile and select the 'Do it!' option. You can attempt this once every 5 minutes and it tends to take 20-25 attempts.

Reward: $50,000 and 500 bullets
You are Up: Around $125,000 and 2,500 bullets


Coming soon!

Reward: N/A
You are Up: N/A
Mission 7

A big thanks goes to Bim for his original mission guide as well as providing the orginal Mission pictures!

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