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A long campaign of ours is to have achievements added to the game, for multiple reasons. However, it has of yet not happened, we have therefore created out own system. Feel free to use these to show off your past in Bootleggers. You need to have Javascript turned on to use this page!

While we can't (and won't) enforce these rules, we ask that you follow them.

1) Achievements can either roll over to your next account or be account specific. Certain achievements, e.g S.Don imply that they stand for your previous accounts.
2) Please only use the award if you have actually earned it. While we won't enforce this it is easy enough to say with text you have done things you haven't.
3) You can use the same image more than once, for example if you have 20 kills you can use the 10 kills image twice. However, if you have 27 please use the 25 kills image.

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