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Casinos Guide
Here you will find information about the casinos in BL. This section is currently expanding. If you have any strategies you would like to share, leave us a comment in the Contact Us section of the website! If you are the first to suggest it and we add it to the website, you will receive full credit.

Quick Information
 Min BetMax BetPick up CostBest OddsBest Payout
Blackjack$2,500Unlimited$400,000< 48%x2.5
Race Track$2,500Unlimited$500,000<40%?x11
Slot Machine$2,500Unlimited$750,000?x500

Introduction - Quick Facts
The idea of the game is to get with your cards closer to 21 with out going over than the dealer. Each card has a different value ranging from 1-11. All number cards keep their value the Jack, Queen and King have a value of 10 and the Aces can either be 1 or 11 which ever helps you the most. If you go over 21 it is called "Busting" and you will automatically lose. Advanced players of blackjack might be interested to know the bootleggers shoe using a one deck system which is shuffled at the start of each game.
In Depth
After starting a game you will be presented with 2 cards, adding these two cards together will give you your total. You will also be able to see one of the dealers cards, however one will be hidden, the dealer however can see all of your cards giving them an advantage. You will be presented with 2 buttons "Hit" or "Stand". Hitting will give you a new card, however if you go over 21 you will automatically lose and the dealer will automatically win. You can take as many cards as you want (without going over 21 of course). When you have enough cards click "Stand" this will end your turn and trigger the dealers turn. The dealers turn is taken all at once and the results will be displayed immediately, the dealer must take a card if they have under 16 (unless you have busted when this phase isn't trigged). However there advantage is they can see what you have. If they have beaten you with their current cards and have over 16 they will stand if not they will continue to take a card. The dealer however can't take more than 4 cards which gives some of the power back to the player. If by any chance you happen to get 21 with your first two cards it is called blackjack and you will gain 2.5x your bet. If you and the dealer happen to have the same amount then the dealer will not take any more cards, the game will be called a push and your money returned. There is only one deck of cards in the bootleggers version of Blackjack, that means if you have 4 aces the dealer won't have any, however due to the deck being shuffled at the start of each game it makes card counting impossible, however it does provide users will statistical data that can help them, for example if you have 2 face cards (Jack, Queen, King) the dealer has less of a chance of getting these cards.

Winning Payouts:
x1 Getting the same as the dealer called a "Push"
x2 Getting closer than 21 than the dealer without getting blackjack
x2.5 Get 21 with your first 2 cars, called "Blackjack"

Bet Range
minimum bet: $10
Maximum bet: Set by Owner ($2,500 if transferred via escrow or changed by owner)

Depends on your style of play, however even playing perfect blackjack your chances are less than 50%.

Introduction / Quick Facts
Keno is a lottery based bingo style game. You pick 10 numbers out of 1-80 (you can only pick a number once), the computer then selects 20 random numbers. The more numbers you match the more money you win, however you must match at least 5 numbers to be in with a chance. The odds are heavily stacked against the player however big payouts ranging from 5 times your bet to 10,000 often make them easy to win.
Bootleggers Keno unlike somewhat traditional keno only allows you to pick 10 number rather than 20 however this isn't unheard of in the real world. The bootleggers Keno is one of the few casinos in bootleggers that uses JavaScript, you therefore must have it switched on to play. Simply click the 10 numbers you want to play on the 8 by 10 grid, they should turn red on selection, if you wish to un-select a number you will need to click the "Reset!" button at the bottom of the form to start over, or reclick "Keno" on the side menu. Once you have selected your 10 numbers fill in the amount you wish to bet and click "Bet!" the computer will then select 20 random numbers between 1-80, the number the computer and you both selected will turn purple, the numbers you selected and did not hit will stay red and the numbers the computer picked and you didn't will turn blue. Payouts below.

Winning Payouts:
Matching 0,1,2,3 or 4 numbers: will pay out 0 x bet
Matching 5 will pay out 5 x bet
Matching 6 will pay out 24 x bet
Matching 7 will pay out 142 x bet
Matching 8 will pay out 1,000 x bet
Matching 9 will pay out 4,500 x bet
Matching 10 will pay out 10,000 x bet

Chance of Hitting (rounded)
Hitting 0 has a chance of 1 in 21 (4.58%)
Hitting 1 has a chance of 1 in 5 (17.96%)
Hitting 2 has a chance of 1 in 2 (29.53%)
Hitting 3 has a chance of 1 in 3 (26.74%)
Hitting 4 has a chance of 1 in 6 (14.73%)
Hitting 5 has a chance of 1 in 18 (5.14%)
Hitting 6 has a chance of 1 in 86 (1.15%)
Hitting 7 has a chance of 1 in 620 (0.16%)
Hitting 8 has a chance of 1 in 7,383 (0.01%)
Hitting 9 has a chance of 1 in 163,380 (> 0.001%)
Hitting 10 has a chance of 1 in 8,911,711 (> 0.001%)

Bet Range
Minimum bet: $10
Maximum bet: Set by Owner ($2,500 if transferred via escrow or changed by owner)

Introduction / Quick Facts
The lottery is a simple game, simply buy as many tickets as you want and wait for the draw, if your number is picked you will win 80% of the pot and get a nice message in your inbox. This casino can't be owned by anyone so the 20% of the pot not included in the pay out is taken out of the game.
In Depth
The lottery page is third on the left hand menu under the casino tab. each ticket currently costs $250 and you can buy a max of 250 at a time, however there i no limit on how many you can buy in total. 250 tickets will cost you $62,500. You can see all your tickets by clicking "Click here to display your tickets!" the lottery is drawn twice a week at 5pm bootleggers time on Wednesday and Saturday. At the time of drawing the winning number will be displayed in large yellow letters on the top of the page, you will lose all your tickets and the lottery will start again.

Odds Of Winning
Ratio: (Amount Of Tickets You Own) : (Total Amount Of Tickets)
Percentage: (100 / (Total Amount Of Tickets)) * (Amount Of Tickets You Own)
Your chances of winning will depend on how many other people have bought tickets!

Bet Range
Minimum Bet: $250
Maximum Bet: N/A

From Pot: ((Total Pot)*0.8)-((Amount of Tickets You Own)*250)
From Tickets: ((Total Tickets)*250)-((Amount of Tickets You Own)*250)

If you own 80% of the tickets you will make no profit, if you own more than 80% you will lose money even if you win.

Introduction / Quick Facts
Poker is a game between you and three other players. The style of bootleggers poker is Texas Holdem, you play just one hand at a table before leaving. The amount you must put up to start with (called the Ante) is set by the person who creates the table (called the dealer), the maximum amount you can bet from them on is also set by the dealer. Each player gets to cards, they must make the best hand as possible using either or both of the cards they have and those on the board. Cards are aded to the board, after each section you will be given a chance to bet.
In Depth
Poker is a game between 4 players in bootleggers. To create a table go to the "Create Game" at the bottom of the page. The minimum Ante is the amount players must put up to join, you also have to pay this amount, The maximum bet is the amount the maximum amount of money each player can then put in to the game in total (not per a turn like some think). Once you have created your table you must wait for people to join, there are four spots, you as the dealer take up one of them. If you are wanting to join a game, find the one you want to join normally with the best ante and max bet, select the radio button next to the table and then click "Join". You will see your name appear on the page taking a seat at one of the tables, by clicking join the ante will be taken from your money on hand. You can leave the table any time before the game starts to recollect your ante this includes the dealer.

While waiting for the game to start you may notice little colored dots before players names. This indicates there status at the time. Green stands of Online, Black stands for idle and Red stands for offline. The status of the dealer is the one that really matter as he is the only person who can start the game.It should be pointed out that while in jail you cannot access the poker page, therefore once you have joined a table it might be wise to stay away from crimes and other actions that could get you caught, or if you do have points handy to get out of jail quickly. Once the table is full the dealer can start the game, once the game is started you should get a pop up box telling you so, however on some computers you may not depending on if you have javascript turned on or not. It is therefore wise to check the poker page every 40 seconds.

Once the game is started you will see four lots of 2 cards, 3 sets will be face down and yours will be face up. The first round of betting will start. The idea of the game is to make the best 5 card hand you can from the 2 cards you have and the 5 that will be placed in the center of the board as the game goes on. If you have good cards that you think could win you will want to draw as much money in to the pot (winnings) as possible. If you have bad cards you might want to fold and leave the table cutting your losses without needing to bet higher. Once the betting has started each player has 60 seconds from the time their turn starts to select an option or automatically fold, to start with Player 2 will have to decide if he wants to "Check", "Bet" or "Fold". Checking will result in the betting being pasted to player 3, folding will remove the player from the game (a quit button if you will, you will lose all the money you have put in up to this point). The bet button will allow you to challenge other players to either call you, raise you or fold. The bet you place must be lower than the maximum bet (this includes the amount you have already bet) and the money will come from the cash you have on hand. Once player 2 turn is finish it is past on to player 3 who has the same options as player 2 unless player 2 betted. If player 2 betted then player 3 will have the change to call the bet which will take the money from his account and more on to the next player, raise the bet if the maximum bet hasn't already been reached or fold which will remove them from the game however they won't have to pay the increase of the current bet. They will however lose all the money the have put in so far including the ante and past bets. The betting loop will go on till everyone has either clicked stand or from the last bet the other players click "Call".

Once the first round of betting is over three cards will be revealed on the board, this is called the "Flop". You could now make your first hand using your 2 cards and all three cards on the board. After the flop the second round of betting will start. When this is over one more card will be revealed called the "Turn" and this will start the third round of betting. When this is over the last card will be shown called the "River". One final round of betting will take place.

It should be noted that the game can end early if all but one leaves, where he will be declared the winner. However if it does get to the last round of betting once it is over you will have to select which cards you want to use. Simply click on a card to select it, you must try to make the best hand you can with 5 cards, to see which hards are better than others click "view hands" at the top of the page.

Bet Range
Minimum Ante: $1
Maximum Ante: ?
Minimum Max Bet: $1
Maximum Max Bet: ?

Odds Of Winning
Before Start: 1 in 4 (25%)
Changed after each card you know

Minimum: Ante (Ante*1.5)
Maximum: (Ante+MaxBet)*4

Race Track
Introduction / Quick Facts
The idea is to pick the winning horse (color) each with different odds. Apart from guessing for the payouts there is no way of knowing before hand which will win before hand. There are 10 horses with payouts ranging from x2 to x11, you should be aware that the payouts are lower than the actual odds, so your best chance of is to use a strategy.
Race Track
In Depth
To place a bet you must click on the color of the horse, and type in your bet. Really simple, you can click on a different color horse to change your bet, you will see the horse you have selected next to the place where you enter your bet. When done click "Place Bet" and you will see the result at the top of the screen once the page has reloaded.

Winning Payouts
Yellow will payout x2
Orange will payout x3
Blue will payout x4
Cyan will payout x5
White will payout x6
Red will payout x7
Black will payout x8
Pink will payout x9
Purple will payout x10
Green will payout x11

Bet Range
Minimum Bet: $1
Maximum Bet: Set by owner ($2,500 minimum if transfered by escrow or set by owner)

Introduction / Quick Facts
Bootleggers roulette has 49 possible bets not including spread betting and allows you to place more than one at a time. With odds ranging from 1/37 to 18/37 and payouts ranging from x2 to x36. The idea of the game is to guess what number the ball will land on. It can land on any number between 0 and 36. Each number has a different color which you can also bet on as well as other options.
In Depth
With roulette you have the ability to place more than one bet at a time, as long as each of the bets added together doesn't over take the max bet set by the casino owner. You can place a bet one of the number 0 to 36 with a chance to tiems your bet by 36. You can also bet on the chance of a number being between 1-18 or 19-36 with a chance to double your money. Same with odd and even, black and red. It should be noted that in roulette 0 is neither odd nor even and is green rather than black or red. The only way to therefore win money when it lands on 0 is to place a bet directly on 0. You can also place a bet on groups of numbers such as the first second and third columns returning x3 of your money. Or the numbers 1-12 13-24 and 25-36 also returning your x3 of your original bet. During round 6 spread betting was also added!

To place a bet select the chips you want and click on the number or area you wish to bet on. Once done click on the wheel at the top and wait for the result!

Numbers 0 to 36 pays out 36 times the bet (spread betting will pay out 18 times or 9 times)
Odd, Even, Red, Black, 1-18 and 19-36 pays out twice the bet
Column 1-2-3 and 1-12,13-24,25-36 pays out 3 times the bet
Spread betting on numbers will give a payout of 18 (on two numbers) or 9 (on 4 numbers)

Numbers 0 to 36 have a chance of 1/37
Odd, Even, Red, Black, 1-18 and 19-36 pays out twice the bet 18/37
Column 1-2-3 and 1-12,13-24,25-36 pays out 3 times the bet 12/37
Spread on two numbers 2/37
Spread on four numbers 4/37

Bet Range
Minimum: $1
Maximum: Set by owner ($100 minimum if won, $2,500 minimum if transfered by escrow or set by owner)

Slot Machines
Information / Quick Facts
Bootleggers slots are similar to slots in real life. All you do is place your bet and pull the handle as it were and hope you match the correct images. Slots are fairly simple to understand, the idea is to match images, you have no control over images, you can't hold any in bootleggers so it is just random. Just place your bet and cross your fingers.
Slot Machine
In Depth
There are 4 different images cherries, Oranges, Bar and 7. Different combinations will give different payouts. You may also get an image where the slots get stuck between two of the possible images such as cherries and oranges, these images count as nothing. Payouts range from x2 the bet to x500 depending. Simple place your bet and hope for the best.

2 Cherries (In any order) will payout x2 of the bet
7 at the start will payout x5 of the bet
2 7's at the start will payout x10 of the bet
3 cherries will payout x20 of the bet
3 oranges will payout x50 of the bet
3 bars will payout x100 of the bet
3 7's will payout x500 of the bet

Bet Range
Minimum Bet is $1
Maximum bet is set by the owner (minimum $2,500 is set by the holder or set by escrow!)

Information / Quick Facts
War is the only casino where you aren't playing against someone else. With all other casinos they are either being held by a player or you are betting against a player such as poker and lottery. However the War casino is held by the game under the name "The Casino". You place your bet and both you and the dealer get a single card. Who ever has the highest card wins.
In Depth
All you need to is place your bet and hope you have a higher card than the dealer, the dealers card will appear on top of your card with the result in the middle. The amount you have won/lost will appear in the top corner. If you both have the same card you will be given the option to either surrender and get half of your original bet back or battle. If you battle you must put up the bet again. You will each by given a second card and the winner keeps all the money. It should also be noted that A counts as the highest possible card.

Double the bet if you win

It has been claimed that this game is rigged in order to take money out of the game. We found that after 100 bets the player won 48 times and the casino 50. However both the casino and player had runs where they won 5-6+ times in a row which goes against the odds.

Bet Range
Minimum Bet $10
Maximum Bet $20,000

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