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What type of player are you?
A questionaire to find out what kind of player you are. Don't take this seriously, it's it's in the fun section of the site for a reason!

Question 1
The first thing I do when I get money is...

Question 2
Which page do you visit the most on bootleggers?

Question 3
How many BM's do you send a day?

Question 4
What best describes your view on crews?

Question 5
How long do you spend on bootleggers a day?

Question 6
You see someone who needs help on the forums, what do you do?

Question 7
You're walking down the street and see an old lady needing help crossing the road. What do you do?

Question 8
How many accounts do you have?

Question 9
How many people have you killed?

Question 10
Someone pisses you off on the forums, what do you do?

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