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Introduction and Disclaimer
Welcome to the rank statistics database for bootleggers. This independently controlled website is not supported by any staff of bootleggers (and I am sure frowned on by some), however this database has two functions. The first is to stop people asking "When will I rank? :cry: I should have ranked 10 OC's ago! :cry:" the second is so that logged in people can track their statistics and see exactly how many crimes and the like it took them to get from one rank to the next rank. The current database was recently reset due to the changes in the game recently with crimes and bootlegging (along with other things).

Previous Round information is kept in this database as well, these statistics will appear after the current round and will have a red previous round next to the statistic.
Disclaimer: We don't accept all statistics for what ever reason, the administrator who accepts or declines them has sole discretion over them. We also don't take any responsibility for the statistics in the database. Ranking can not be quantified with the information we are given by the administrators of bootleggers so don't even try. Use the database as a rough guide to when you may or may not rank.

Huge Thanks To:
HBS, JDW, LW - (For approving more statistics than anyone else over the past 2 years)
All staff Of Bootleggers
Everyone who submits valid statistics!

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