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Game in a Day 2 (3?)
Posted By: Altrozero
Posted At: Wed, 19 May 2010 17:37:28 +0100
Occasionally I sit down with a spare day and nothing to do, so decide to try and do something a little productive. I give you Road Rush well a remake of an earlier game I made in DarkBasic at uni. It's not great but never the less.

Dodge traffic and enjoy!

Wedding Speech
Posted By: Altrozero
Posted At: Tue, 11 May 2010 19:43:17 +0100
Дltrøzerø says (19:37):
*it basicly relates our love to that of Ash and Pikachu, and how when the first time they met was like when we met. You didn't trust me but you grew to love me! Then how we are taking on the big challenges in life as they took on the gyms of Kanto! Even when they fell down like at the final pokemon league they picked themselves back up and continued on!
*I feel that is us

Kat says (19:41):
*lmao i think its different Smile very u

Дltrøzerø says (19:41):
*So you're ok with it?

Kat says (19:42):
*Eek maybe

I'm taking that as a yes to a Pokemon toast!

Pokemon Smack Talk
Posted By: Altrozero
Posted At: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 19:41:22 +0100
nvermind, just nv says (19:34):
*I would battle you any day
Altrozero says (19:34):
*and you would lose everyday
nvermind, just nv says (19:35):
*kidding me?
Altrozero  says (19:35):
*My red gyarados would eat you for breakfast
nvermind, just nv says (19:35):
*skid still usig gyarados
*blissey is the beast.
Altrozero says (19:35):
nvermind, just nv says (19:35):
Altrozero says (19:36):
*He's courrpted by the very evil of the pokemon world!!! TEAM ROCKET! Failing that my kadabra would make you lose your mind!
*Well what's left of it when my Rattacate is done with you!
nvermind, just nv says (19:36):
*.xD you, seriously think you would beat me?
Altrozero says (19:37):
*Bring it on!!! I'll smoke you like a drowning Charmander
nvermind, just nv says (19:37):
*You can easier make a team on a emulater then I can on a NDS Eek so make a emulator team and Ill battle you any day
Altrozero says (19:38):
*"Abra uses teleport!"
"Abra has escaped!"
nvermind, just nv says (19:38):

Admin of site lets his hair down
Posted By: Altrozero
Posted At: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 16:32:10 +0000
Shmokin gets a little drunk (well we hope he was drunk) and starts singing...

How to hobby!
Posted By: Altrozero
Posted At: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 16:52:43 +0000
So I've taken on a new hobby right when I have the biggest project of my uni life and no spare time or money. Typical, however nevertheless enjoyable. I've started Warhammer 40k (waits for snorts from reader to subside). I dabbled a little when I was a kid & again when I was in collage but I focused at the time with the battling, not that I was any good, I lack some what the zeal for the game. In fact I was slightly turned off by the staff in the store. If you remember back to when you started or if you have just started you will probably remember that first time you stepped in to games-workshop, filled with the magical aura of war in a light and friendly atmosphere. HA then they came over, that one member of staff saying "Hey, can I help you!". From this point on you have lost an hour of your life and inevitably you will end up getting sucked in to a conversation followed by a battle, which ends with them trying to sell you £80 worth of gear. The selling I don't mind and they are perfectly ok with you saying "this is not for me" or "I will just take a few paints and marines this time, thanks!". It's the battle itself that scares me!

Twice I have been through the ritual starting battle and twice I came out wounded. The battles are (or so I thought) designed to let you win but alas I lost, and heavily! Those poor marines losing to the hands of the dark eldar. He (staff member) sets up the board slowly explaining the characters, then leans across the table till he is but 1 foot away. "Those are some might fine Space Marine Soliders you have there!" I gulp... "Those 8 foot tall rock hard marines equipped with bolters that fire bullets the size of footballs at the enemy!" he says slightly sneering while lowering his voice slowly over the sentence. "The Angles of death they are called!" I suddenly feel very aware that I am more or less alone with this guy apart from a few regulars painting at the front. "WHO" he shouts "have sworn their allegiance to the emperor" the guys at the front don't even look up, they are obviously used to it. "It's time for war!!!" he sniffs brushing his nose with his right hand while standing back up. At this point I remembered that I am in the most perfectly lit store I have ever seen (for painting obviously) but here we are pretending that we are at war and the illusion is dispelled.

Well, after a few battles at the store I hated myself due to the patronising of the staff, "Well your painting could be a little better, hey why don't you come along on Sunday mornings? We do a painting class!" or "Your tactics need a little work, come on Thursdays for a few battles!" Maybe I don't because you are 40 miles away, I am 12 and you my mum won't let me stay out to late just to slay orks on the battle field! To be honest at that age I had no patience, my figures were washed with black, painted silver, given red arms and that was it. 3 colours for one space marine.

Now I have found the beauty of time and the internet. I sit staring at my screen all day looking at code growing feed up with my keyboard and yearning for something else. That my friends is painting, a single lone action that requires no teaching. Yes I really suck, my figures don't look good, I can't keep within the lines and it looks like I spent 10 minutes on each model. HOWEVER I love it, it's.... peaceful preparing your troops to die horribly in battle (but I doubt I will battle). I spend about 3 hours on each troop which means I don't spend a fortune, taking my time to paint badly. I don't go in to the store but buy all my stuff online so I don't need to worry about the guys in the store looking down on me.

I love my new hobby even if I suck. Below I have included a picture of my first 5 Space Marines, it's taken me 2 months with my spare spare time but I've loved every minute of it! A true hobby. The image has come out quite blurry and the light isn't very good, but that hides the bad painting. They all also look a little different from me trying out different methods.

The point of this article is really just to say if you have a hobby you enjoy doing but you are awful at don't be disheartened, I have a friend who loves computing and is doing a computing degree but doesn't know what a PSU is. Being good isn't the point of the hobby!


Breaking News
Posted By: Altrozero
Posted At: Fri, 05 Feb 2010 17:01:11 +0000
I needed a way of telling my supervise I am not a brilliant coder and I might not be able to code the machine learning section of my game in a few days like I had previously thought possible. First draft of my game includes these variables.

public int I = 10;
public bool cant = true;
public string code = "It's true";

To be honest if he gets to those vars on lines 2032-2034 and hasn't realised it by that point I could probably get away with it! Maybe I should stick them in the header.

Nested Quotes (Hack)
Posted By: Altrozero
Posted At: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 18:40:01 +0000
A lump of code I found on the altrozero site from a while back (I had to lol)

$quote_running = "true";
$quote_count = 1;
$sub_string = $string;
while($quote_running == "true") {
$sub_string = $string;
$sub_string_pos = 0;
if(!((preg_match_all('/\[quote](.*?)\[\/quote\]/ismx', $string, $output) == 1 && preg_match_all('/\[quote\=(.*?)\](.*?)\[\/quote\]/ismx', $string, $output)) == 1) || $quote_count >= 3) {
$quote_running = false;
$quote_minor_running = true;
while($quote_minor_running) {
if((preg_match_all('/\[quote](.*?)\[\/quote\]/ismx', $sub_string, $output) || preg_match_all('/\[quote\=(.*?)\](.*?)\[\/quote\]/ismx', $sub_string, $output)) || $quote_count < 3) {
if(substr_count($sub_string, '[quote') > 1) {
$new_pos = strpos($sub_string, "[quote");
$sub_string_pos += strlen($sub_string);
$sub_string = substr($sub_string, $new_pos, (strlen($sub_string) - $new_pos));
$new_pos = strpos($sub_string, "]");
$sub_string = substr($sub_string, $new_pos + 1, (strlen($sub_string) - $new_pos - 1));
$sub_string_pos -= strlen($sub_string);
} else if (substr_count($sub_string,'[quote') == 1) {
$sub_string = preg_replace('/\[quote](.*?)\[\/quote\]/ismx','<div style="margin: 10px; border: 1px dotted #555555; padding: 5px;">\1<div align="right"><i><b>Quote Unknown</b></i></div></div>',$sub_string);
$sub_string = preg_replace('/\[quote\=(.*?)\](.*?)\[\/quote\]/ismx','<div style="margin: 10px; border: 1px dotted #555555; padding: 5px;">\2<div align="right"><i><b>Quote From</b> \1</i></div></div>',$sub_string);

if($sub_string_pos != 0) {
$string = substr($string, 0, $sub_string_pos).$sub_string;
} else {
$string = $sub_string;
$quote_minor_running = false;
$quote_count += 1;
} else {
$quote_minor_running = false;
} else {

$quote_minor_running = false;


Geeky Chat up lines 2
Posted By: Altrozero
Posted At: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 12:54:51 +0000
Blaine decided to go out on the town last night and have provided my with plenty of new lines for to use...

1. Are you in HD because you're looking fine!

2. Update your facebook status, you've pulled!

3. Looks like you've blue screened, let me find your any key Wink

4. Just remember that while a child can inhert from a parent the parent cannot inhert from the child and while a parent cannot control the child the child can control a parent but I have protection so we are fine!

5. Hey, would you want to go on a quest with me, I'm a level 52 warlock.

6. I think we are ready to take the next step in our relationship and leave beta!

7. By looking at you I can tell you’re 36-25-36, which by the way are all perfect squares.

8. Okay I need you 4, I'm a quad core kind of person

9. You're like Objective-C, harder to understand but so much fun!

10. You're so amazing, I really can't wait to see your avatar!

Computer Chat Up Lines (DON'T BLAME ME)
Posted By: Altrozero
Posted At: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 23:44:49 +0000
Chat up lines I've heard around my uni (Inspired by Blaine, Jason and the mass of girls that follow them everywhere)! Due to the fact I am "spoken for" I can't claim any of these as mine!

1) You overclock my processor.

2) We could make .wav's together.

3) No kinky windows stuff!

4) You stop my heart faster than division by zero! one of mine!

5) Can you extract my .zip?

6) You're so thin you must be OLED! one of mine!

7) Nice curves! sine? one of mine!

8) Look! If you could just disable your firewall we could connect on a whole new level! one of mine!

9) Roses are #FF0000, Violets are #0000FF

10) sweet 3.14159

The Idiots Guide To Computer Definitions
Posted By: Altrozero
Posted At: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 09:56:54 +0100
Windows – Just a pane in the glass of computing
Floppy Disk – An extinct form of creature (genus memory) which was eaten up by CD's in the late 1990's. Despite it's name the floppy disk came with a hard outer shell used for protection against predators, which like the tortoise was let down by it's overall speed. Some experts say this is why it was easy pickings for the CD.
Mac – A water proof computer
RAM – A form of binary memory using sheep to stand for 0 and rams to stand as 1. The larger the RAM the more sheep/rams the computer can count before falling asleep
DVD – Unknown invader of the games and software market. The Origins are expected to come from the films market, but this is unconfirmed.
CPU – The stuff which does something with other stuff to make stuff happen.
ROM – Romantic memory, word comes from the term ROMCOM (Romantic Comedy)
USB – The bit that connects things to stuff.
Firewire – Safety port to protect your computer in case of a fire.
PSU – Food delivery system for the computer.
Spyware – A joint project between the CIA and MI6's  to create a AI operating system which is now trying to take over the web.
Hard Disk – Father of the floppy disk, this hard to reach creature lies deep within side the computer protecting it against the CD.
CD – Carnivorous creature (genus memory), credited with the extinction of the floppy disk. This versatile creature is now used mainly in the music industry after DVD's forced it out of it's home area of games and software in revenge for the floppy disks.
Monitor – Software that looks out for spyware
Mouse – A computers pet
Keyboard – Used to input music in to a computer as well as other things. does not take responsibility for any damages caused by trying out a mac underwater!

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