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2010/8/29 Bug fix for page controls in database SD
2010/5/19 Top bar links converted to icons in preparation for trail style icon menu.
2010/5/2 Fix to forum display controls. (mute) Showing for all rank despite no ability to mute!
2010/3/27 - Added youtube bbcode (Boot 3)Altrozero
2010/3/14 Added points calculator/parser to bootleggers helpsite (Boot 2) fixAltrozero
2010/3/9 Fix to rank statistics database to accept the _ char. Thanks to Mr_Pink for pointing out the error. (Boot 2)Altrozero
2010/3/6 - New tools added "OC Builder" (Boot 1)Altrozero
2010/3/4 - Bootleggers Help site updates 1) Contents Page added for information pages 2) Admin update to information page creating/updating 3) Added Achievements + updated page 4) Push data for header
2010/3/4 - Ability for sub-sections to push extra data to header
2010/2/11 - Bug fix to the bank paser on the bootleggers helpsite section
2010/2/5 Fix to version page time bug for non-admin
2010/1/27 Twitter Icons added to Dev/Res section
2010/1/11 - Version Page added

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